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If you do not find here what you are looking for, contact us here.

Is this Nick’s Official Website?
No, this is just a fan site dedicated to him, but does not belong to Nick. This site is made by fans to fans.

Are you affiliated with Nick in anyway?
No, we are not.

How can I contact him?
You can find Nick’s official networks at our main page.

Can I email you stuff/or ask questions directly to you?
If you have something you need to ask, you can find us in our social network.

Can I use the pictures for fanart, icons, or wallpapers?
Yes, for sure! Feel confortable to send them our way and we’ll post in our fan art session with credits.

Can I use your pictures for my site or page?
Not sure, it depends on what you want to use them for. We spent so much time searching and collecting the pictures of our gallery, cause it’s hard to find some of them and we made all of the captures in the gallery ourself. Lots of the gallery’s pictures were donated by friends only for the use of this site. If you want to post in your facebook page or twitter, please credit us and please DO NOT REPOST our entire albuns. Anyway, if you do want to use something send an email asking and we will reply as possible as we can.



Nick Zano Online (http://nickzano.net/pt-br) é um fã site sem fins lucrativos. Não é oficial e não possui afiliação com o próprio Nick Zano, seus amigos, familiares, agentes ou qualquer pessoa relacionada a ele. Este site é feito por fãs para outros fãs. Todo material neste site são apenas para fins de entretenimento. Todas as imagens, vídeos e outras mídias pertencem aos seus respectivos donos. Infringimento aos direitos autorais jamais é nossa intenção. As donas deste website não reclamam nenhum direito de propriedade a qualquer material visto no site e é usado com o melhor de seu conhecimento, sob o "Uso legal" da leis de direitos autorais. Se alguma coisa pertence a você e gostaríamos que removêssemos ou creditássemos a você, por favor entre em contato conosco e prometemos fazer isto o mais rápido possível.

Nick Zano Online (http://nickzano.net) is a non-profit fansite. It is not official and has no affiliation or contact with Nick Zano himself, his friends, family, representatives or anyone related to him. This site is made by fans for fans. All materials on this site are for entertainment purposes only. All pictures, videos and other media belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is ever intended. The webmasters of this website claim no ownership to any material seen on this website and is used, to the best of their knowledge, under the "Fair Use" copyright laws. If anything belongs to you and you would like us to remove it or credit you please contact us and we promise to do that as fast as possible.